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When it comes to the real estate world, Rachael is a real estate powerhouse.

She is a licensed Real Estate and Corporate Commercial Mortgage Agent, Private Lender and the Director of Aubrey & Eden Luxury Developments Incorporated.

With her foot in each of the real estate industry's doors, her vast knowledge is a real asset to each of her client's real estate needs and journey. ​


Rachael has always had an eye for elegance and design.  She is naturally creative which she expresses in the developing and designing of her real estate development projects. She is also well-versed in market trends and real estate psychology.

Her natural talents and knowledge of several real estate industries combined helps her buyer clients best utilize the current and upcoming markets to their advantage while ensuring that her seller client's properties show at their optimal potential.


Her experience in the corporate commercial mortgage world lends assistance to client's who are purchasing and selling in the commercial real estate markets. ​​


Rachael's personality is warm, empathetic, conscientious, hospitable, knowledgable, industrious and highly determined. She prides herself in providing an exceptional experience to her clients from start to finish and after closing.


​Rachael represents the Collingwood, Blue Mountains, and Georgian Bay areas of residential and commercial real estate.

"Representing my clients is not just a service, it's an experience."

-Rachael Bakker

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